Neil Gevaux

Web Application Developer

York, UK

About me

My name's Neil Gevaux. I work at the University of York as a Web Application Developer for the Faculty Dev Team in IT Services.

I'm a full-stack web developer who loves building great user experiences. I specialise in Ruby (Rails, Sinatra), Javascript (Vue), and SQL.

I've built a number of websites for clients. Some of my projects include archaeological work like Star Carr and and The Viking Craft Network.

You can see examples of my work in the Projects section.

I build websites and applications for projects and businesses. I love front-end web development and UX. Have a look in the Projects section to check out some of my work.

I've created this site to showcase some of my professional and personal interests. I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to get in touch by email or social media :)

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Star Carr

Created for 2016 British Archaeological Award-winning project Star Carr.

View site

Viking Craft Network

Information on Viking-age crafts.

View site


Site created for UK-based singer-songwriter Karmilla.

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Maybank Buildings Conservation

Buildings conservation throughout the UK.

View site

Third Lung

UK 4-piece band Third Lung.

View site


ERC funded archaeological project about the use of ceramics.

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Internet Archaeology

The digital journal for archaeology.

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Contact me

Drop me a line if you share any interests, or if you think you have a project you want me to work on.

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